October 31, 2017

This month is the 5th month that DPG has been in business, and it’s been absolutely crazy! I still can’t believe the amount of love and support I’m getting and that the orders are still rolling in week by week. So I wanted to take some time to talk about the reason why I started and the process behind DPG. 


I just want to start off by saying a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased, have read my blog or just posts a cute little compliment or shows support, I truly do appreciate it so much. 


 Some initial logo concepts.


I began DPG as a new creative outlet for myself and as a way to raise awareness of type 1. When thinking of a name for my brand I wanted something memorable, humorous, light hearted and something that would spark curiosity, and hence, Dead Pancreas Gang was born. Now, with having such a name there is always going to be those politically correct kiddos out there that struggle to identify the humour of the name, and that’s perfectly fine with me and if anything it’s a huge compliment to me; if everyone loves and agrees with your work I believe you’re not making a big enough impact. 



Designing my t-shirt range was super easy for me as I designed tee’s that I would want to personally wear on a daily basis. When it came to choosing what brand of t-shirts I want to work with, AS Colour was a no brainer for a few reasons:

  • They have THE best quality apparel on the market

  • Their apparel is made humanely and child labour free (big tick for me!)

  • Their styles are always beautifully classic and never go out of style 


As a graphic designer, I’m a total control freak over my work and obsess over every little detail so I took to a local screen printer in my area to get these made with love and care. I love the idea of making these shirts 100% mine so I knew I had to get the finer details done, like removing the brand label and replacing it with my own. It’s the small details like that that cost a little bit extra but makes the final result SO worth it.  


I’m only a week or so away until I release my new range! It’s going to contain a new t-shirt (which has been highly requested) and a unisex singlet and I’m super excited to show you all! 

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