Dead Pancreas Gang was created by Raffael (that's her on the right, pretending that she doesn't hate being outside in the sun) who was diagnosed with type 1 on February 8th 2016.   


The brand was created with the sole intention to get people talking about type 1 in a humorous and light hearted way.


Let's get real - there are waaaay too many misconceptions about type 1 diabetes! On a daily basis we encounter so many ridiculous assumptions - "Oh so you ate too much sugar as a kid?" - and new wonder cures - apparently eating eggs can now cure you of type 1? Crazy right. Let's not forget about that whole eating cinnamon thing! So if one person is educated about type 1, then my work here is done! 

Our t-shirts are made from THE best quality around town. I mean, us diabetics at least deserve a nice quality tee, right? Plus, not only does wearing our brand mean that you’re a total diabadass, it also means that you’re choosing to represent and own type 1 - high five!

DEAD PANCREAS GANG © Raffael Purcell 2017 |             @raffael.typeone  

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